Abs Double Deflection Supply Air Grille Series

Product NameAbs Double Deflection Supply Air Grille Series
MaterialPlastic,ABS,PVC or other material
ColorWhite or custom color
StandardChina standard
PackagingStandard packaging
  • 250 Series — Double Deflection Supply Grille - A-J

    The 250 Series Double Deflection Supply Grille provides effective directional control of the air stream in one, two, three or four directions. Each bank of bars is pivoted at the front which gives a uniform appearance regardless of blade angle setting.

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  • Airfoil Supply Grille - Grilles - Price Industries

    The 20/30 Series Airfoil Supply Grille features premium quality, extruded aluminum construction. 22 - 3/4 in. spacing, double deflection; 31 - 1/2 in. spacing, single deflection; 32 - 1/2 in. spacing, double deflection the Price way of doing business are the cornerstones of our leadership position in the non-residential air distribution

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  • Model 4000: Aluminum / Steel, Single or Double Deflection Supply Grilles

    series of displacement diffusers, METALAIRE has the air devices to meet every need. A complete product line of air terminal units range from the basic single-duct unit to an

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  • HVC | Series SD FB DD | Single and double deflection

    Series SD / DD / FB Deflection grilles - Single / Double / Fixed blade Versatile range of grilles suitable for extract or supply. Maximum 80% free area. Single deflection grilles have one bank of individually adjustable blades. Double deflection grilles have two banks of individually adjustable blades set at 90° to each other. Fixed blades

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  • 150 LT Series — Long Throw Single Deflection Supply Grille

    Aluminum Supply Grilles [All Aluminum Supply Grilles] A150 (H or V) A250 (H or V) Double Deflection Supply Grille; Aluminum Return Grilles [All Aluminum Return Grilles] A550 (H or V) The AG (Horizontal or Vertical) Series Aluminum Return Grille; AEC Series Aluminum Egg Crate Lattice Return Air Grille; Aluminum Filter Grilles [All Aluminum

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  • Grilles for Air Air Distribution including Single Double

    Single Double Deflection Grilles Gilberts G Series provides a comprehensive range of single and double adjustable deflection grilles for all types of ceiling and sidewall supply and extract application. uncompromising but safe grille solution for both air supply and extract applications in sports halls, gymnasiums and other similar areas.

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  • 250 HD Series — Heavy Duty Double Deflection Supply Grille

    The 250 HD Series Heavy Duty Double Deflection Supply Grille provides effective directional control of the air stream. The hollow, air-foil grille front bars are set at a fixed at 0° or 45° on .500" centers. Back bars are spaced on .750" centers and each bar is individually adjusted for the desired air deflection without affecting the setting of any other bar.

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  • I1 SUPPLY GRILLES I - Krueger-HVAC: Providing You With Air

    SUPPLY GRILLES I1 SUPPLY GRILLES Table of Contents 180/5180 180M/5180M These supply grilles feature individually adjustable curved blades. Available in steel or aluminum construction. 585 This single deflection supply grille features 1/2” blade spacing. Available in aluminum construction only. 880/5880 These double deflection supply grilles

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  • 250 LTA Double Deflection Supply Grille with Airfoil

    The 250LT Series Long Throw Double Deflection Supply Grille provides effective directional control of large volumes of air flow. Available with horizontal face bars or vertical face bars.

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